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Julio Hammered Hoop Earrings
Julio Hammered Hoop Earrings Mixed Metal
Julio The Pepita Intial Necklace in Gold
Linked Crystal Hoop Earrings
Shine On- Mesh Earrings
Julio The Sulu Necklace
Julio The Beaufort Necklace
Julio The Sandman Necklace
Julio The Cheney Short Necklace
Julio Silver Small Hammered Earring w/ Gemstone
Julio Gold Small Hammered Earring w/ Gemstone
Julio Hammered Earring Wire Wrapped Stone
Julio Hammered Earring Oval Post Hammered Ring
Lisi Lerch The Georgia 14mm Gold Mixed Fresh Water Pearls Bracelet
Lisi Lerch The Georgia Gold Bracelet 10mm
Lisi Lerch The Georgia Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet 10mm